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Business Planning
As is true with any business venture, good planning is the key to success. FedBD will help you develop a detailed Federal Business Plan that will address revenue potentials AND costs. Your plan will include market analysis for your offering, identifying primary target departments and agencies, brand name recognition and lead generation, staffing, and other related aspects of a Federal Business Plan.

Contract Vehicles
FedBD helps companies quickly establish GWAC (Government Wide Acquisition Contract, such as a GSA Schedule) vehicles that will enable you to sell to any and all U.S. Federal entities and many state and local governments as well. There are also several alternatives to ‘owning’ GWAC contract vehicles, and the resulting costs and time delays typically incurred with this type of activity. Specialized, and highly desirable vehicles, can be made accessible to companies and government clients in short order, at a cost that is much less than that typically paid to create and maintain your own GSA Schedule.

Establishing proper Federal oriented corporate alliances is critical to achieving success in the market. Fast-track growth within Federal can be a reasonable expectation, if you can leverage the relationships, skills, and personnel employed by established government contractors and resellers. FedBD has extensive experience in the ‘Channels’ arena and can bring that experience to bear on behalf of its clients.

Advertising, conferences, seminars, government oriented shows, mailings, phone campaigns, email blitzes… so many choices. How should you allocate your marketing budget for Federal business pursuit? FedBD can help you spend this money smartly and get maximize the return from your marketing investment. When it’s all said and done, you need to identify leads for your company. Everything else is a means to that end.